Corporate Mission

Project by Project INOX-TECH is fulfilling its mission of developing long-term partnerships with its customers.

INOX-TECH is a “full-service” manufacturer which provides customers  with a complete range of customized in-house services, including:    Consultation, Engineering, Fabrication, Turn-key Installation and System Integration, Documentation, Repair & Modification Services, as well as  After-Sales Support & Spare Parts.

Corporate Mission

Inox-Tech :: Corporate Mission

INOX-TECH is committed to developing long-term  partnerships with its customers by assuring that it meets their current needs  while helping them to achieve  their  long-term goals.


Inox-Tech :: Vision

To actively participate in research and development of products and processes which promote a sustainable future for ourselves & for our customers.

Code of Ethics

Inox-Tech :: Code of Ethics

To provide its customers with an exceptional range of personalized technical services, and  high quality products.

Corporate Citizenship

Inox-Tech :: Corporate Citizenship

Inox-Tech Undertakes to :
Create employment and to play an important role in the community.
Create for its employees a safe and productive environment that promotes teamwork and acknowledges their accomplishments

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