Inox-Tech’s automation team can help you select a suitable process and motor controls package that is adapted to meet your needs, while respecting your budget.

Customized Instrumentation is complex, simple or somewhere in between… always depending on customer requirements:

  • Process variables logged and trended for visual display and historical retrieval.
  • Alarms displayed and recorded for troubleshooting and future analysis.
  • Reports generated and printed for each batch and for each phase of the process.
  • Reports recorded for historical evaluation.
  • Inventory reports printed on demand.

Sample Control Diagram

Sample components of Instrumentation System

  • Analytical instrumentation for pH, capacitance & density
  • Level Transmitters
  • Flow meters
  • Pressure transducers
  • Temperature Transmitters
  • Proportional flow control valves
  • Directional flow control valves with position feedback.
  • Control centres, MCC Units
  • Operator Interfaces, etc.

Automation Controls

Configuration & programming of PLC
HMI and SCADA systems.
Machine control,
Manufacturing control

Control services are available as part of your full service package

Turn Key solutions and system design
Technical consulting and engineering
Batching and process controls.
Retrofitting and updating of existing controls
Project management and support

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